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Make your next pay effortless-Payroll is critical part and parcel activity of every establishment. Payroll error can take place rapid than you believe, Employees never acknowledges paycheck error. Such misdeed can obtain a toll on the spirits of the employee and will affect the productivity of business. Our Payroll helps you to overcome the risk and convolution correlated with administrative, sourcing and consigning payroll service. Our Alpha specialist are also business expert who analyze all the ravel involved in paying out the salary by taking account of payable days, notice period recovery and taxation works an also maintains your conglomerate arrear reports and aid during audits. Precise functioning and paying out is not only our primary function but also keeping your fiscal records confidential while you can build your business.

Services Offered

  •  Based on the received the data from Clients/company (such as Employee details, Monthly attendance, and deduction if any and etc.), we process the salary / wages in our fully computerized Payroll package and generating Payroll Register in excel/Pdf/txt format along with salary withheld report.
  •  The salary sheets will be in a customized format of Department, Date of Join, location and cost center wise salary sheets.
  •  Preparation of Arrear Sheets
  •  Statement for Bank Transfer and cash list
  •  Providing monthly salary slips to the individual employees through e-mail.
  • Calculation of Overtime, Bonus and leave encashment if any.
  •  Preparation of Full & Final settlement for ceased employees.
  • Advantages
  • Maintaining Attendance record, Time card, Leave record, Salary wages registers etc.
  • Save your precious time
  • Small business payroll processing not only deals with your employee wages and taxes, but also guides you on how you can increase your business productivity with effective payroll management. When you employ a payroll company, you free yourself from the burden of processing payrolls yourself. Being a small business, the more you focus on your business growth and less on core functions like payroll, the more revenue you earn and take your business to the next level
  • Save you from headaches
  • Where payroll is a happy period for employees, it’s the reverse for employer! Handling paychecks, ensuring ­accuracy in preparing pay slips, observing tax regulations etc. can be an extremely maddening experience. A simple and cost effective solution is to find someone handle the ­entire task for you and relieve you from the irritating ­process of payroll processing.