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Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the foremost podiums of small scheme savings in India mostly for the people who work in private or corporate jobs provident fund as an endeavor to deliver a life of dignity for the employees and their dependents once they fizzle out to earn their normal livelihood. Schemes are administered by a tri-partite Board called Central Board of Trustees (EPF). It has representatives of Government (both Central and State), Employers and Employee

An employee has to pay a definite contribution towards the scheme and an equal contribution is paid by the employer. The employee gets a lump sum amount including self and employer’s contribution with interest on both, on retirement the person will able to get a lump lofty amount for his declining years. The amount withdrawn exempted from tax. This is a retirement benefit scheme that saves a portion of the salary every month. It helps to have a corpus of savings for emergencies or retirement. Thus providing a peaceful autumn in one’s life

Services Offered in EPF

  • Allotment Of EPF Code
  •  Monthly Returns & Filing
  •  Member Adition and Delition
  •  Maintaining P,Q,R,S,T forms (shop Act & Contract Labour Act)
  •  Online Claim Transfer from previous employer
  •  Guiding the management in labor oriented payments /Accounts / Lawful matters, and assisting at the time of EPF inspections
  •  Working out the monthly PF contributions from the Pay Roll and preparation of Chillan for payment of PF dues within the due date
  •  Creating UAN (Universal Account Number) for new employees
  • Documents Required for new Employer PF registration

  • Company Registered documents ( GST, Partneship Deed, Incorporation Certificate )
  •  Copy of PAN Card
  •  Lease Deed / Rental Agreement
  •  Partnership Deed / MOA and AOA
  •  Specimen Signature
  •  Copy of Telephone Bills / EB Bills
  •  List of Partners / Directors
  •  Bank account details
  •  First Sales Invoice / Service Bill
  •  Employee details
  •  Attendance/wages details
  •  No of employee (Name/Father Name/Dob/Resident Address/Contact Number/Salary Account Number/Marriage Status )
  •  Nomine details Name/Relationship/Address